Casting Terms

1. A riser

(a) Acts as a reservoir for molten metal

(b) Delivers molten metal to mold cavity

(c) Delivers molten metal from pouring basin to runner

(d) Feeds the molten metal into casting to compensate for solidification shrinkage


2. Chills are used in the mold to

(a) Achieve direction solidification

(b) reduce the possibility of blow holes

(c) reduce freezing time

(d) smoothen metal flow for reducing splatter


3. Light impurities in the molten metal are prevented from reaching the mold cavity by

(a) strainer

(b) bottom well

(c) skim bob

(d) all of the above


4. The molten metal is poured from pouring basin to gate with the help of

(a) riser

(b) sprue

(c) runner

(d) core


5. When a pattern is made in three parts, the top part is known as

(a) cheek

(b) cope

(c) drag

(d) all of the above


6. A taper provided on the pattern is known as            allowance

(a) Draft

(b) machining

(c) distortion

(d) Shrinkage


7. Cores are used to

(a) improve mold surface

(b) Form a part of green sand mold

(c) Form internal cavities in casting

(d) all of the above


8. According to Chvorinove’s rule, the solidification time of a casting is proportional to (Volume/surface area)^n, where ‘n’ equals to 






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