Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics has got a average weightage of 15 marks, so you are always sure that its very important and there is not much fluctuation in its weightage. Mathematics is simple and mostly consist of part that students study in 1st and 2nd semester. It is easy and scoring not much effort has to be applied, questions asked in GATE are simple and straight forward except one or two. Previous years question practice is obviously important, you will understand the trend which repeats again and again.

Previous Year Solution?

You should practice previous year question with utmost importance and attention. Click here for previous year GATE question

Do I need to read a book?

If it happens that you are not able to grasp few concepts than you can refer to a book. I would recommend you to read the book that you studied during your semester exam, whether it was local or standard does not matter much in case of mathematics. At the same time dont forget to keep a track of previous GATE questions and study only the part asked in GATE.

Which book to refer?

Its always preferred to read book that you have already studied during your BTech. In case you didn’t read any ???? like most of the engineers.
Following is the book that i would recommend-

Book Name Link
 Product Details Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S.Grewal Flipkart


Book Name Link
 Product Details Advanced Engineering Mathematics by HK Dass Flipkart



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