Heat transfer

Well, first of all I must say that its the easiest subject, after going through it once you will understand most of the concepts of Heat transfer. Conduction, heat exchanger and radiation almost everyone knows well, mostly problem faced is with convection which seems totally new, complex and not easy to understand. But after doing all previous GATE question and ESE question majority of students will get it right and you too are one of them. Therefore I highly recommend to do previous years solved paper when you don’t understand a thing. A very important note here for those who are preparing on their own is NPTEL video on Heat transfer by Prof. SP Shukatme he is a faculty here at IIT Bombay. Prof. Shukatme has taught conduction, heat exchanger and radiation part very nicely (i mean it) his way of teaching is superb, click here for his videos on YouTube. Please do not forget to make notes while seeing his videos, so that you don’t have to watch them again.   The convection part however is taken by Prof Gaitonde who too is a great teacher but he teaches beyond the scope of what is required for GATE or  other competitive exams. So  for convection part book and previous papers will only help.

Do I need to read book? :::

For those who are preparing on there own book is quite essential. Since in the notes there are many topics which are not explicitly explained so in order to understand the concept its necessary to have a reference  book. Please note that never ever use local author books which students use to pass university semester exams they will never help. Always follow standard textbooks.
Those who are in coaching institutes who don’t get much time to study from a book they may prefer not to but in case of important topics or confusions books are the best refuge.

Which book to refer? :::

Its always preferred to read book that you have already studied during your BTech. In case you didn’t read any ???? like most of the engineers.
Following are the books that i would recommend-

Book Name Links
Product Details Basics of Heat and Mass Transfer By DS Kumar Flipkart


Product Details Heat and Mass Transfer By PK Nag Flipkart




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