Idioms and phrases

In the following Questions, Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.
1. To strain every nerve

(A) to make utmost efforts

(B) to feel weak and tired

(C) to be a diligent worker

(D) to be methodical in work


2. To flog a dead horse

(A) to whip a dead horse

(B) attempt to do the impossible

(C) waste one’s efforts

(D) to take advantage of a weakness


3. To show a clean pair of heels

(A) to hide

(B) to escape

(C) to pursue

(D) to follow


4. To die in harness

(A) premeditated murder

(B) dying young in an accident

(C) to die while in service

(D) to be taken by surprise


5. To feather one’s nest

(A) to make a residential house

(B) something that lasts for a short time

(C) to profit in a dishonest way

(D) none of the above


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