Industrial Engineering GATE 2019, Set-2

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  • 1. The annual demand of valves per year in a company is 10,000 units. The current order quantity is 400 valves per order. The holding cost is Rs. 24 per valve per year and the ordering cost is Rs. 400 per order. If the current order quantity is changed to Economic Order Quantity, then the saving in the total cost of inventory per year will be Rs. ______ (round off to two decimal places).


    2. The activities of a project, their duration and the precedence relationships are given in the table. For example, in a precedence relationship “X < Y, Z” means that X is predecessor of activities Y and Z. The time to complete the activities along the critical path is ______ weeks.

    Activity Duration (Weeks) Precedence Relationship
    A 5 A < B, C, D
    B 7 B < E, F, G
    C 10 C < I
    D 6 D < G
    E 3 E < H
    F 9 F < I
    G 7 G < I
    H 4 H < I
    I 2 —-

     (A) 17

    (B) 21

    (C) 23

    (D) 25


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