ISRO 2016

Questions: 01 to 10

1. Starting from the same initial conditions, an ideal gas expands from volume V1 to V2 in three different ways, the work done by the gas is W1 if the process is purely isothermal, W2 if purely isobaric and W3 if purely adiabatic, then

(A) W2>W1>W3

(B) W2>W3>W1

(C) W1>W2>W3

(D) W1>W3>W2


2. A beaker filled with hot water in a room cools from 70°C to 65°C in t1 minutes, 65°C to 60°C in t2  minutes and from 60°C to 55°C in t3 minutes. Then

(A) t1>t2>t3

(B) t1=t2=t3

(C) t1<t2<t3

(D) cannot be concluded


3. A house refrigerator with its door open is switched on in a closed room. The air in the room is

(A) cooled

(B) remains at same temperature

(C) heated

(D) heated or cooled depending on atmospheric pressure


4. An elevator has a mass of 5000 kg. When the tension in the supporting cable is 60 kN, the acceleration of the elevator is nearly

(A) 8 m/s2

(B) 12 m/s2

(C) -2 m/s2

(D) 2 m/s2


5. The piston of a steam engine moves with simple harmonic motion. The speed of rotation of crank is 120 rpm with a stroke of 2 m. What is the velocity of piston when it is 0.5 m from the centre?

(A) 4π√3

(B) π√3

(C) 2π√3

(D) 3π√3


6. The sine of the angle between the two vectors a = 3i + j + k and b = 2i – 2j + k is

(A) \(\large \sqrt{\frac{74}{99}}\)

(B) \(\large \sqrt{\frac{25}{99}}\)

(C) \(\large \sqrt{\frac{37}{99}}\)

(D) \(\large \sqrt{\frac{5}{51}}\)


7. Equation of the line normal to function \(\large f(x)=(x-8)^{2/3}+1\) at P(0,5) is

(A) y=3x-5

(B) 3y=x-15

(C) 3y=x+15

(D) y=3x+5


8. There are 20 locks and 20 matching keys. Maximum number of trials required to match all the locks is

(A) 190

(B) 210

(C) 400

(D) 40


9. If ø(x,y,z) is a scalar function and if ∇2f=0, then ø is

(A) Irrational

(B) Harmonic

(C) lrrotational

(D) Solenoidal


10. A and B are two candidates appearing for an interview by a company. The probability that A is selected is 0.5 and the probability that both A and B are selected is at most 0.3. The probability of B getting selected is

(A) 0.9

(B) ≤0.3

(C) ≤0.6

(D) 0.5


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