Number System

The digits of a two-digit number are in the ratio of 2 : 3 and the number obtained by interchanging the digits is bigger than the original number by 27.What is the original number?
A. 63
B. 48
C. 96
D. 69


What least number would be subtracted from 427398 so that the remaining number is divisible by 15?

A. 13
B. 3
C. 16
D. 11


In a division sum, the divisor is 10 times the quotient and 5 times the remainder. If the remainder is 46, the dividend is:



A number gets reduced to its one-third when 48 is subtracted from it. What is two-third of that number?

A. 22
B. 76
C. 36
D. 48


One-fifth of a number is equal to 5/8th of another number. If 35 is added to the first number, it becomes four times of the second number. Find the second number.

A. 39
B. 70
C. 40
D. 25


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