One Word Substitution

In the following Questions, choose one option which can be substituted for the given sentence.

1. A person who has no money to pay off his debts

(A) Insolvent

(B) Poor

(C) Destitute

(D) Pauper


2. Words uttered impiously about God

(A) amoral

(B) philosophy

(C) logic

(D) blasphemy


3. A number of ships.

(a) fleet

(b) galaxy

(c) constellation

(d) group


4. One who compiles a dictionary

(A) geographer

(B) lexicographer

(C) lapidist

(D) linguist


5. A test in which cells from diseased organs are removed and tested

(A) Biopsy

(B) Autopsy

(C) Operation

(D) Amputation


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